Robert Andrews to Stephen F. Austin, 08-23-1823

Summary: Plans drug business. Appreciation of Texas.

Parras Augt. 23d 23

Dear Austin

I recd yours of the 9th July, and am sorry to hear that things are not so flourishing as we all had desired, I would willingly add my assistance, but at this time I find it impossible without doing myself more harm than I could possibly do the colony good I have now determined to make a trip to Orleans in order to bring on medicines, in which I shall need your friendship, I shall leave here with about 400 dollars which is about enough for my expenses, and depend entirely on a partnership or credit business in Orleans, in which case a few lines from your hand to Mr. J. H. Hawkins would be of infinite service, which you will probabily have an opportunity to send him before I can arrive there—my whole object is Texas, but finding it impossible to rais capital on credit for the enterprise I must make use of every other industry to acquire that which will make me usefull to myself and friends when I go there. I am very impatient to commence my Hacienda on the Colorado, but do not like to begin with my teeth and nails alone remember me to all the settlers, and tell them that my heart and soul is with them and it is against my will that my body is not also, but that when it goes I wish it to go provided—one of my greatest pleasures is the anticipation of the society of my old friends and countrymen in one of the most delightfull countries in the world, and most particularly of one, for the sake of whose company one week at this time I would willingly put myself on the diet of catfish and wild onions without salt or greas, again for a few days.

It is not worth the time to write me at this place as I shall set out in a month if you write home let them know where I am—my respecte to your brother and all other friends and acquaintances—I hope to be in Orleans in all the month of October

R Andrews [Rubric]

[On cover:] In the absence of Mr. Austin, another friend may open this letter