Unknown to Unknown, 08-xx-1823

Summary: Austin's license to Dr. Johnson Hunter to sail a coasting vessel.


Dr. Johnson Hunter a native of the United States of America and a settler near the mouth of the San Jacinto River in the Province of Texas having been received as an inhabitant of the Mexican Republic in conformity with the order of Don Jose Antonio Saucedo Political Chief of the Province of Texas and included as one of the 300 families which I am authorised by the Mexican Government to settle in this Province, and the said Hunter having heretofore obtaind the permit of Col. Antonio Martinez to sail the small vessel called the Santa Maria of San Jacinto which vessel it has been proven to me was lost to said Hunter and the sd. Hunter having petitioned for license to sail a small vessel called the Adven[ture], and it appearing that the situation of said Hunters family as well as that of others settled in his neighborhood requires that his solicitud should be granted. Therefore in virtue of the authority vested in me by the decree of Don Felipe de la Garza, Commandant Genl. of the Eastern Internal Provs. dated at the city of Monterrey the 16 day of June 1823 directing me to give license to any of the settlers of this colony to sail vessels from any part of the coast of this jurisdiction for the purpose of procuring supplies. I do here by and in the name of the Govt. of the Republic of Mexico give full license to said John H. to sail the said vessel called the Adve. &c to any port he may deem proper for the purpose of procuring supplies of provissions or merchandise for the use of His family or others settld in this Colony, subjecting himself in all cases to the laws of the Mexican Nation as prescribed in the within license of Govr. Martinez, and that the said Hunter or his Agent on board said vessel may not be considered as suspicious persons sailing without legal authority I give him this document and respectfully request all officers or citizens of any foreign nation with whom the Mexican Republic are on amicable terms who may meet with the said vessel sailing under this license not to impede or embarrass its progress but on the contrary to extend to it their protection and assistance should it be needed.

S. F. A. Empresario for the establishment of 300 families in the P. of T. Judge commissioned by the Mexican Govt for said colony and Lieut. Col. commandant of the Militia of the same discription of the vessel The Adventurer Skiff built tonage between five and Six Tons

[Endorsed:] Hunters license to sail a vessel on the coast