Stephen F. Austin to Josiah H. Bell, 09-28-1823

Summary: Wishes the people to move closer together for protection. Wants settlers "to be satisfied, if such a thing is possible."

Sept 28,1823 At the home of McFarland

Dr Sir;

Since my return from Mexico I have been trying to induce the people to move nearer together, on the Colorado I could not effect this object—some would go to the cane breake and some would not— I have determined to make one effort more on this river—the land for 15 or 20 miles above and below this town will be laid off in labor tracts, my wish is that the whole settlement should move to these labor tracts each one can pick his league tract and have it surveyed elsewhere and it will be time enough if it is improved in two years —I wish the settlers to be satisfied if such a thing is possible—will your settlement agree to move together or not? I wish to do as the majority decide.

[Stephen F. Austin.]

[Addressed:] J. H. Bell Esqr.