W. Stevenson to Stephen F. Austin, 10-05-1823

Summary: Many want information about terms of settlement. Austin's Arkansas business. Sends Jefferson's Manual.

Territory of Ar. Hempstead Co. October 5th 1823

Dr Sr,

Having heard a verbal acct. of your return from Mexico and an opportunity offering, of writing a few lines to you I have embraced it hoping that the news which we have heard is true that you have accomplished your end in getting a grant of the land you had before designed forming a settlement on we have heard (tho it is verbal only) that you are now surveying and laying of your grant for settlement but we have not understood the terms of settlement. A few lines from you on that subject would be very acceptable I had agreed with Mr John Clark last winter to freight your trunk to N. Orleans to be left in care of Coll. Hawkins according to your wishes but the boat started somewhat sooner than he expected owing to a suden rise of the water he was prevented from complying with his promise I conversed with him a few days past on that subject and he promist. that he would faithfully attend to that business this faul as he is going down the river early in the season I could have sent it by some others But I did not think it prudent as there had been many threats against it as your property some time before your brother passed this country but I went down to see Mistress Vaughn and she agred to deliver the trunk to me at any time if I would pay the storeage which I agred to. She removed the trunk while I was there and promised that no person should know that it was there or in her possession saying I suppose that it was carried off since that time I have heard no threats against [it]. I have thought good to send on Mr. Jeffersons manual which you had lent to me Mr. George Duty who has lived with me has promised to deliver the book and letter to you out of his own hand—I have had no late act from your friends in Missouri the last I had perhaps a year past they were well the people in this country have been somewhat sickly this season and i think many will remove to Texas if they are not descouraged by some thing now unseen Dr. Sr. I am as ever Yours Respectfully

William Stevenson

Stephen F. Austin Esqr.

D. S. Mr. Ashbrook complains very much of being injured by Mr Bryan and has made several attempts to trouble me for money which he says you charged him to collect off me we have had two arbitrations on that subject but he lost it in boath. One thing surprises me is that he told me after you and he had settled that he had come out safe and that you had settled with him like a gentleman and to his satisfaction and now he says that he was ruined by that settlement if he cannot collect debts which were paid to Mr Bryan which he says ought to have been paid to him Dr Sr I write this in confidence knowing that you never give him orders to collect a debt which you knew was paid to Mr Bryant it Appears that there has been some neglect of credits which should have been given but was not but this must have been his own fault and not Mr Bryans as he had the books in possession—farewell

Mr S. F. Austin W Stevenson

[Addressed:] The Honl Stephen F. Austin Province Texas Colorado Politness Mr Duty