Stephen F. Austin to Luciano Garcia, 10-20-1823

Summary: Expulsions of bad characters from the colony and measures to prevent the settlement of others in the future.

To preserve good order in the colony under my charge, I have been compelled to cause five men to leave it, with their families, to wit: Briton Baylie, John M Coy, Alen White, David Fitzgerald and Daniel O. Quin. They are all men of infamous character and bad conduct, fugitives from the United States, one for having committed murder, the others for having counterfeited money, and for whose apprehension the American Government has offered high rewards Men of such a stamp can not but be prejudicial to this new settlement; therefore, I hope that my action will meet your high approbation.

To prevent, hereafter, the introduction into this Colony of men of that kind, I shall be compelled to keep up a rigid and active police; which measure, I think, will also be approved by you.

Estevan F. Austin.

Brazos River, October 20th, 1823. 3rd & 2nd.