Unknown to Unknown, 10-30-1823

Summary: Terms of settlement in Austin's Colony.

The terms on which Settlers are admitted into the Colony forming by Stephen F. Austin in the Province of Texas are as follows—

No one will be received as a Settler, or even be permitted to remain in the country longer than is absolutely necessary to prepare for a removal who does not produce the most unequivocal and satisfactory evidence of unblemished character, good Morals, Sobriety, and industrious habits, and he must also have sufficient property to begin with either as a farmer or mechanic besides paying for his land—No frontiersman who has no other occupation than that of a hunter will be received—no drunkard, nor Gambler, nor profane swearer no idler, nor any man against whom there is even probable grounds of suspicion that he is a bad man, or even has been considered a bad or disorderly man will be received. Those who are rejected on the grounds of bad character will be immediately ordered out of the County and if the order is not obeyed they will be sent off under guard and their property seized and sold to pay the expences, and should forcible resistence be made by them, the guard will be ordered to fire on and kill them—

Those who are received as Settlers will get one league of land if so much is wanted, to be chosen by the emigrant, which land will cost at the rate of twelve Dollars and fifty cents pr. hundred acres payable in cash or Spanish Cattle or negros on receipt of title, which will be in full for surveying, title deeds, recording, and all other charges.

The above only applies to men of familiesSingle men will be examined as to character more particularly than men of families and ten of them must unite to form a family and they will be entitled to one League of land to be divided between them. An exception will be made to this rule in favor of single men who bring a considerable capital into the country all such will be ranked as a family and draw one League—

A person who brings in a large capital and who has a large family will draw more than a league should he wish it. The head of each family will be held personally responsible for the good conduct of every member of his family.

The Roman Catholic is the established religion of the Mexican nation and the law will not allow of any other in this ColonyOctober 30 1823