Stephen F. Austin to Colonists, 10-31-1823

Summary: Procedure to be followed by immigrants upon arriving in the colony.

"Public Notice"

All persons arriving in this colony must report themselves in writing immediately on their arrival to the Alcalde of true district in which they arrive, stating the place of their birth, their present residence, the number of their families or companions who came with them, and their objects in visiting this country. Should they wish to become settlers they must report themselves to me, and produce their recommendations or other evidence of good character before they can be allowed to select or purchase any land. Also, after this no sales of improvements will be respected, nor will it be considered that such sale gives to the purchaser any preference over any other to the place purchased—actual possession is all that can secure a preference unless a special permission is given to the contrary.

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

Austin's Colony October 31, 1823