George Nixon to Stephen F. Austin, 11-14-1823

Summary: Gen. Eugenio Cortes reports at Mobile that Austin has no authority to grant lands, and that slaves are freed in Mexico.

George Nixon to Austin

November 14th, 1823

Mobeel Alabama

Dear Sir,

I have had the plesher to be acquanted with your Brother and am sorry that I am not acquanted with you as I intend to move to your settlement on the Colorade River, a few miles below Mr Gammons, to a place improved by Mr Snider I expect to be on in two or three month I have had the plesher to be come acquanted with Gen. D. Eugenio Cortes, who saled from Mexico lately and had to put in to this port in distress as the brig George sprang a leake, he wase bound to Phillidelephia, I think it my dutey to say to you that the genral says to me that all negrow in the Provances of Mexico are free, and that slavery will not be premited and that you have no author to grant land nor to in Vite settlers to the Provance he is acton a minestor from Maxaco to the united States from what I can lirn he sayes the Maxico government has declared war against old Spane and france has dun the sameā€”the Genral sceems to be much asstonished to see your publication in the papers. Your freaend and with respect

George Nixon

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F. Austin Provance of Texas Colorado River Politness of Mr Pack.