Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, 11-22-1823

Summary: Subscription of corn to pay expenses of delegate, Erasmo Seguin, in Congress.

The Government of this Province under date of the 6th of October last has applied to this Colony for aid in raising funds to pay the expenses of the Honorable Dn Erasmo Seguin the deputy in the National Congress from this Province. Under the Present System each Province has to support its members of Congress; this Province sends one member and it probably never will be so important that he should be respectably Supported as at the present Congress, for this is the one which is to form the National Constitution and fix the future fate of the Nation as well as our own—There are many things particularly interesting to the future prosperity of this new colony as well as of all the other new Settlements that may be formed hereafter in this Province that will depend on the provisions of the New Constitution. I will vouch for Don Erasmo Seguin our deputy that he will use every exertion possible on his part to secure us all the privileges and liberties practable. but to do this he must have something to live on in Mexico while labouring for us, and I have therefore thought proper to appeal to the well tryed patriotism of my fellow citizens of this Colony by calling on them for a voluntary Subscription, not doubting that when they understand the object for which the Contribution is wanted, and the great interest it is to them all individually, that they will contribute with the Liberality So characteristic of the American Character.

Considering the absolute impossibility of raising money, and Commissioner of the Government the Baron de Bastrop having Suggested that a contribution of corn would answer the purpose, I have thought proper to open this Subscription for corn, those who have no corn can subscribe money, or anything else they are able for it is expected that every man will give something in proportion to his means. The corn or other articles Subscribed will be collected by persons duly authorized to do so and forwarded to San Antonio de Bexar as soon as arrangements can be made to transport them and a full statement of the whole will be published for the information of the Settlers.

Austins Colony Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

Novr 22d 1823.

We whose names are hereto Subscribed do promise and obligate ourselves to pay the quantity of corn, money or other property annexed to our names to the Province of Texas, to be collected by Colonel Stephen F. Austin political chief and Commandant of this Colony and paid over to the political Chief of this Province as our proportion of the contribution for paying the expences of Don Erasmo Seguin the Deputy in Congress from this Province.

Witness our hands. Province of Texas this 16 day of November 1823-3d-2d

(Copied from the Brazos Paper.)

(Note)—on opening this Subscription the following persons were present and Subscribed on the Brazos Subscription paper the quantity mentioned, to wit—

Stephen F. Austin Two hundred Bushels of Corn Martin Varner twenty bushels___________do William H. Singer ten Bushels__________do J. H. Bell twenty bushels______________do James F. Tong twenty Bushels___________do James Edmonson ten Bushels_____________do George Robinson Jr twenty bushels______do

Francis Bigham twenty bushels d° for himself and twenty bushels more and ten Dollars in cash for his Brother [Thomas Bigham] and Son in law [Obia Meritt] which he paid down.

[Additional subscriptions were:] Gabriel Shaw Snider Ten Bushels of Corn David McCormick Ten Bushels of Corn Caleb B. Bostwick Ten Bushels of Corn

Subscribers names from the Colorado district

James Cummins Twenty Bushels of Corn________________ 20 Dawson Alley Fifteen Bushels of Corn________________ 15 Benjamin Beeson 20 Bushels__________________________ 20 John Madden 10 Bushels______________________________ 10 James Tumlinson 20 Bushels__________________________ 20 John Tumlinson 10 Bushels___________________________ 10 Thomas Jamison 10 Bushels___________________________ 10 Thos. Gray 10 Bushels Corn__________________________ 10 James Ross 15 do____________________________________ 15 Thomas V. Alley 10 do_______________________________ 10 Nathaniel Whiting ten bushels of corn Cainbreak_____ 10

Subscribers to the corn Subscription from the Lower Settlement.

Benjamin Fowler__________________________ 10 bushels Saml Carter______________________________ 10 bushels Saml. Toy________________________________ 10 do Step. Richardson_________________________ 10 do Thos. Davis______________________________ 10 do Patrick Dowlin___________________________ 10 do Shubael March____________________________ 10 do Wm. Harris_______________________________ 10 do David H. Milburn_________________________ 10 do Robt Keydendall__________________________ 20 _______ 110 bushels

to be paid by Martin Varner at his Crib on Cedar Creek

Novr. 28 1823