Stephen F. Austin to Provincial Deputation, 12-02-1823

Summary: Austin to provincial deputation at Bexar, December 2, 1823. Informing them that the colonists have subscribed 100 fanegas of corn toward Seguin's expenses.

The people of this District have contributed 400 fanegas of Corn towards the respectable support of the Representative of this province in the Cortes, agreeably to the order of the Governor, Don Luciano Garcia, under date of September 24th. Upon receiving your Excellency's communication of the 6th October, I acquainted our people with its tenor, who have already subscribed 100 fanegas for the purpose alluded to in your Excellency's aforesaid communication, and you may send for it whenever you think proper. There is no money in this district, and corn, is at present, the only production they have; but wishing to prove that they are anxious to contribute, according to their means, towards the wants of the country that has generously received them, and which they have of their own free will accepted as their mother country, they have made a greater effort than was warranted by their circumstances.

This is in answer to your Excellency's aforesaid communication.

Estevan F. Austin.

San Felipe de Austin, December 2nd, 1823. 3rd and 2d.