Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, 12-05-1823

Summary: Protection against Karankaway Indians.

The inhabitants living at the cane break on the Colorado river and those who may Settle in the Bay Prairie, being exposed to the hostilities of the Karankway Indians, which renders it necessary for them to have an officer of the militia in that quarter—therefore all the settlers able to bear arms from the Eagle lake commonly called the Big Lake, on the Colorado River to the Sea Shore will form a detachment of Militia provisionally to be commanded by an officer to be elected by the said Inhabitants, the election shall be made on the 15th of this month at the house of A. Jackson, and the person elected shall have the title and rank of first Lieutenant of Militia, and shall be subject to the command and orders of the Captain of the Colorado district in all matters of a general nature, and in all cases where a call is made by said Captain for men; but in all cases of a local nature the Said Lieutenant shall act according to his discretion without wating for orders from his superior officer, and full authority is hereby given to said Lieutenant to make war against the Karankway Indians and to raise men within his Command and attack or pursue any party of said Indians that may appear on the Coast or on the River, always rendering an exact account of his proceedings to me as soon as possible.

Given under my hand at the Town of San Felipe de Austin this 5 day of December 1823 3d and 2d

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]

Lieut Colonel of Militia