Philip T. Dimmitt to Stephen F. Austin, 01-04-1824

Summary: Reports large thefts of horses and mules at Bexar. Commerce.

St. Antonia 4th Janua 1824

My friend.

I am here still but I have Good and bad news to write you on the first of this month I lost a Eleven mules and 3 head of Horses with this brand. [He inserts the brand.] all except one Large Horse Mule with this [Brand inserted.] brand. The Horses Has the Same brand that the 10 Mules has The money that I recd frome Varron I bought 5 mules and I recd from Treveño 2 mules and fore others I traded for with a few Goods. I bought of a frenchman the five head of Horses I traded my wach for Little and a Spanyard was taking ceare [care] of them with Smith Cooks and Mr. T[r]evino thar ware about 50 Head of Horses and mules lost. 8 Days pass I recd. a letter from my brother at Monclover requesting me to come and recd a few Goods he has brought for me my farther sent out about 800 or 900 Hundred Dollars worth of Goods for me so States my brother in his letter and they are at refuria [Refugio]. I shall I hope be able to pay you for my land on my return but I shall not be able to start until I here from you

I must requst it as a favor and one which I am a fraid I never will be able to return but my prospects are some what flattern at presant from a copie of letters I recd. with the letter of my brother I am here Sr. without a cent. of money or Horse or mules and to procure aney Sr. If you can Lend me Two mules it shall be Doble paid nothing but my Death at present Can Prevent it as my prospects are favorible and you may Rest assured that If you are able to lend me this assistance I shall feel myself bound to you as your servent and Under your command and the reward is within my power at presant for to pay those favors you have Done me and the maney benefits you have wish to doo for me and the Good hart and Disposition you have so opinley shown me. I want 2 mules to Gow to my brother and from thence to my Goods and If I doo not rece 2 mules from you I shall be unable to Gow untill my brother Can send me mules or horses but If it is in your power to comply with my request I shall not forget the assistance you will be so Good if in you power to send them by Capt. Rooker the marks of them

I am without news at this moment. Capt. R. will Give you all. Mr Little will [be] at you house in a few Days—a foot he wishes to Get work at the Carpenter busness he will give you a scetch of my lost


NB Sr. If you cannot lend me 2 two mules send me one one [is] sufficent to carry me to my brother


[Addressed:] Mr. S. F. Austin in los Brassos Capt. Rooker NB Give my best respects to J Austin and brother