Alaman to Public, 01-10-1824

Summary: Decree of supreme executive power (federal) against public meetings.

[Translation by Austin]

The Supreme Executive Power appointed provisionally by the Sovereign Mexican Constitutional Congress to all who shall see these presents Know ye—that considering the great evils resulting to the people from the abuse made of popular meetings, (juntas) to treat of Subjects which are deemed by them of importance, when each one of the Constituted Authorities has its limits and attributions designated and the conduct which they are to observe in the different cases that may occur we have thought proper to resolve as a genl principle

1- That all meetings, (juntas) or unions of whatever class they may be which are not authorised by the laws are positively pro- hibited and those who in violation of this decree form them, altho they may have been invited to attend them, wheither private citizens paisanos Military or Eclesiastics, shall be punished severely and without reprieve for having Committed a crime according to the respective laws

2- Also it is prohibited that the corporations and Authorities whose attributions are designated by the laws shall Meet in one Body to deliberate for the purpose of making representations, and to take resolutions which are without the range of their powers

3—Also when in the case provided for in the last article a corporation exceeds its powers, it shall be responsible agreeable to the established laws

4- This decree shall be communicated to the Genl Staff and Commandant Generals, and local commandants and to the political chiefs for its exact and punctual complyance

Therefore we command all powers to execute and obey this decree in all its parts

Mexico Jany 10- 1824

Signed— Alaman