Stephen F. Austin to John P. Coles, 01-25-1824

Summary: Concerning provisional civil and criminal codes.


Dr Sir

Enclosed I send you forms in addition to those contained in the general instructions—

The instructions and regulations for the Alcaldes were drawn up by me hastily and while I was subject to continual interruptions and without the aid of any book of forms or precedents, as you must have perceived when here, they may therefore contain many errors and omissions; experience will however point them out, and I wish you to note anything you may find in them amiss, in order that the proper corrections may be made

I have no wish nor interest in anything of this kind of a public nature done by me, but to promote the general prosperity and happiness of us all, and shall therefore at all times pay respect to the opinion and wishes of a Majority of the Settlers when I can ascertain it and conform myself thereto So far as my powers and instructions from the Govt will permit—

Jany 25—1824

S. F. Austin

To J. P. Coles Alcalde of the Brazos