Anthony R. Clarke to Stephen F. Austin, 02-03-1824

Summary: Bad characters around Nacogdoches. Local election. Monroe doctrine. False reports of Austin's colony spread by criminals expelled from it.

Nacogdoches 3rd Feby 1824

Dear Sir

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the Receipt of your letter, the date I cannot refer to as I am from home, I can only thank you for the confidence you place in me,—I have made all the enquierys in my power for the carractors you requested but can procure nothing worth writing Prater was plundered of much of his stock which is an evidence in his favour as I have not known an instance of their stealing from each other—This part of this District is setling very fast we have now a majority and have punished and driven off most of the bad carractors, last week four men made their escape from the officers sent to apprehend them from the upper settlement about the Tenaha viz Jeffry Brown Henry Brown James Hogan and Waller Hogan enough of their property has been etatched to pay for the solen property and the expences

An order has been received here from Saleauder [Saucedo] at St Antonio for Elections to be held for alcaldes, the Election was held Bean was elected for the Naches Juan Seguan and myself for Nacogdoches and John J. Williams for the liesh Bayou.

I am sorry that it is not in my power to send you the President's Message the following is from the best sources that the american government will not interfere between Spain and her colonies but if any other nation assists Spain the United States will immediately assist the Colonies a minister has been sent to France to make known this intention The United States are equiping three Ships of the line and Frigate and Sloops of War for immediate service- some officers from the United States Garrison was at my house yeasterday they inform that Great Britain has inform the American Government through her minister that what ever course the United States adopts with the Spanish colonies will be adopted by England, all Idea of the Colonies being invaded by a French army is given up by the best informed people and it is supposed that Spain is too weak to do anything by herself she now keeps 20000 french troops in Spain to keep down her own subjects

As I feel much interested in the welfare of your settlement I give you the following report spred here and gone to the United States;

that the people are much dissatisfied with Austin think he has no right to sell the lands that [he] compels every man to take a league at $700 [to pay] half down that many would leave the settlement and that Austin will about abandon the settlement the mans name was Gibbons. [He lived at the] St Antonio crossing of the Ba[Brazos]

I have not time to say more

Anthoy R. Clarke [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen Austin Brassos.