Hugh McGuffin to Stephen F. Austin, 02-12-1824

Summary: Emigration.

Louisiana Parish of Natchitoches

Dear Sir in place of a personal visit which I had in contemplation I address a fiew lines to you the situation of Mrss. McGuffin is such that she would not consent freely for me to leave home at present, yet I expect to see that section of the Country the ensuing spring or summer. I have nothing interesting to write you of this Country at this time, some fiew a Moaving to your settlement and a great many speaks of going next fall I expect my selfe to become a Citizen of that part I wish you to remember me in your selection of your lands as a friend and choose me a spot, I would take it as a favor of you to write to me at some leisure moment as soon as you can with convenience, the gentleman that bears this is worthy of your notice as a man of candor and Honesty as such I recommend him to you— if there is any way that I can serve you in in this place I will be happy in doing so the bearer of this Capt Jones will hand you the presidents Message to the Members of both Houses of the present session—

H McGuffin

12th Feby 1824

[Addressed:] Coln Stephen F. Austin Brazos Province of Texas