Jose Antonio Saucedo to Colonists, 03-18-1824

Summary: Beneficent intentions of the Government. Austin's authority.

[Translation by Austin.]

The Political Chief of the Province of Texas to the new Settlers on the Colorado and Brazos Rivers in Said Province

Fallow Citizens,

I have again the Satisfaction of addressing you, which I do with the more pleasure as I am convinced you will listen to me and do the justice to believe me when I assure you that a Government, which has received you into its bosom through the solicitudes that were commenced by Moses Austin and at great expense and labor continued and successfully terminated by his Son Stephen F. Austin, will watch over your interests and protect your rights by just and wise laws which will enable you to enjoy in peace the fruits of your labors—If the government of the nation is not yet fully and finally organized, the causes which have produced the delay are well known, but in the midst of these delays and convulsions they have given you a chief to govern you untill you have within yourselves the necessary numbers and elements for the formation of your municipal bodies—they have given you a beneficial and liberal Colonization law,—they have given you a member in the most Excellent Deputation of this province (the Baron de Bastrop) and you will be entitled to an equal representation with other citizens in the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Departments of the State, according to the tenor of the Constitutional Act which you are now called on to Swear to. It is therefore necessary that you should listen with attention and confidence to your immediate Chief (Col. Austin) whose authority is from the Supreme powers of the nation to which you now voluntarily belong, and that you should disregard and dispise all those idle slanders and vague stories which are put in circulation by the enemies of good order for the sole purpose of creating confusion and discontent.

I trust that my words will have the impression on your minds that I desire, and that convinced of their truth you will repose in confidence and peace under the authorities that govern you, for by so doing you may attain that degree of prosperity you wish for and which is ardently hoped for by your fellow citizen

Jose Antonio Saucedo