Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F. Austin, 03-20-1824

Summary: Estate of Joseph H. Hawkins. Expenditures in Texas.

New Orleans 20 March 1824.

Dear Sir,

Mr White has just called and delivered me your letter of the 1 of last month—he departs again in 24 hours, and only leaves me time to acknowledge the favor of its receipt—

I wrote you some time ago more fully than I can possibly do now, on the subject of our friend Hawkins' family—they are in a most deplorable situation, and must for the present be supported by their friends

My former letter will inform you that Mrs. Hawkins administered on her husband's est and left my [me] charged with the settlement of it—but such is the Embarrassment that there will not be a sufficiency to pay law charges etc—and such are the nature of the other debts that it would be only to sacrifice the property in Texas was it to go into the hands of the Creditors, and your plan of keeping the Titles in yr name until they can be made to Mrs. H. and her children is the very Idea suggested by Mr. Duncan (now dead also) and myself.

I made an Estimate in my former letter of the supposed sum Expended by Mr. Hawkins in the province, and on further Examination of his papers am now convinced the sum there stated does not Exceed what it has actually cost him—

I shall write you by Every opportunity which offers and hope that you will also give me any information which may be of any importance to Mrs. Hawkins who is in Kentucky.

Nath Cox

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F. Austin Bracos