James Cummins to Stephen F. Austin, 03-23-1824

Summary: Approves colonial regulations. Indians.

Dear Sir

enclosed I send you the Constables Bond—agreeable to your Request. I have Read and examined the Coloniel Decrees I think them good for which myself and my neighbours give you our thanks— May the Lord direct us to administer them properly—

a few days past there Came into our Neighborhood about 180 Waycoes and Tawacanies they first Came to Judge Rabbs where they showed no acts of violence the Judge was in the act of starting to the Cane Brake with his family, had his Horses packed when the Indians who thought that the familys was alarmed at their Comming and made the Judge with their families go back to his Home again and helped to unpack his horses—the Indians then observed that they did not Come to scear the Americans from their Houses but wanted to be friendly with them, but was at war with the Tonkeways and was then on the hunt of them—next day the[y] came to Mr Williams where Capt. Ross with 12 or 15 men met them friendly held a Talk with them they professed every act of friendship possible towards the Americans—there was a Beef Killed for them and as much Corn given as the[y] would Receive .the Chief of those Indians asked Capt. Ross for a paper or Recommendation which he gave him some time before they left Mr Williams, but being disturbed at the time did not give such a one as he thinks now they deserved the Chief says he will see you before Long and hold a talk with you Capt. Ross says he wants you to take that paper from them and give them such a one as you think proper—

March 23d 1824

James Cummins

Colo Stephen F. Austin