Seth Ingram to Stephen F. Austin, 03-25-1824

Summary: Surveys. Indians.

Peach Creek, March 25th 1824.

Dear sir

In the course of six or eight days I shall finish the Leagues above the base line, all except that part of the 1st 2nd and 3rd next to the Colorado, which I cannot conveniently do at present, there being no water in running below the base line. I want your advice, whether I shall run two Leagues deep or one before I come to the head of caney creek, if I do not make two, one will be very long, some of these that I have run are above seven miles long, the next below the base line will be seven or eight miles long, and perhaps nine. The Leagues we plotted for Mr. Selkirk to run did not reach the Prairie. I altered the plot and made three Leagues instead of two. In one point more I want your advice, the course with which I have run the seven first Leagues will not do to run the next, it runs too much down the creek and does not come square enough to the Prairie, the course being S 20° W. the same as Kincheloes line. I have been down the Prairie fifteen or twenty miles and think a S. W. course will not suit the best or perhaps S 60° W Send me an answer by the first opportunity, if you please, sir.

I would give you a history of our late Indian fight, but the bearer of this can give you an account of it, which will answer every purpose,—

Sir, do not forget to write to my Brother, by yours, write him that now is the time to come to this country, and that I have secured him a tract of land if he will come soon, in so doing you will much oblige

Seth Ingram [Rubric]

Col. S. F. Austin