Unknown to Unknown, 04-01-1824

Summary: Alcalde's court docket, April 1, 1824.

Docket for the District of the Brazos during the Administration of John P Coles Alcalde for the year 1824

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of suits and date of sums sums Proceedings on Names of Day of tryal date of filing issuing return- served. return day Arbitrators petition summonses able ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thos. Boatwright 3 20 14 Parties adp. Randal Jones Feb 1 vs Wm Pett[u]s Arbitrators and Jany 1 demanded William Martin ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ John Doe vs R. 21 Feb 10 Feby 1 Parties apd. no None Roe Jany. 20. Arbitrators required Judgement for Plaintiff $29 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of suits and Proceedings on Stay of Exn. Appeal bond Execun. Satisfd Recd. date of filing day of Tryal and names of and names of petition. and judgment Securites Securities ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thos. Boatwright Judgment Stay untill the appeal ord. issued Feby satisfd $50 vs. Wm Pett[u]s for $50 Dlls 1 March Feb. 20 R. 21st return- debt $2.50 Jany 1 $2 costs R. L. Kinny Roe and able on the costs John McFarland John Doe 1 of April ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ John Doe vs R. issd. Feby 20 Satisfd. $29 Roe debt $1.00 Jany. 20. costs