Stephen F. Austin to Military Commandant, 04-20-1824

Summary: Karankaway Indians.

Sometime since, two settlers of this Colony were hunting deer near the mouth of the Colorado on the East bank, when a party of Karankawase Indians rushed out of a grove in which they were concealed, and followed them at full speed with their arms in readiness, and other hostile demonstrations. The two settlers withdrew, and after having joined with others, returned to look for those Indians, to know if they were still hostile like last year, The Spies who took the advance found an Indian Camp, but found in it only one man and a woman. They called the Indian with friendly demonstrations, but he assumed a hostile attitude, preparing his arms, upon which one of the Spies shot his rifle at him and wounded him; The Indian and the woman escaped to the woods. It is not known whether the Indian died, but the signs of blood showed that he was badly wounded They found in the Camp several articles stolen at the mouth of the Colorado, last year, when these Indians killed the inhabitants, and destroyed the settlement at that point, I have sent word to the Chief of the Karankawases, not to allow his men to go to the Colorado and Brazos, until they make peace with the people of this Colony and advised him to withdraw with his whole nation to the Mission at Refugio, because if they show themselves here, the Colonists will avenge the death of their friends killed by these Indians on the Colorado. Which disposition I report to you, hoping that it will meet your Superior approbation.

Estevan F. Austin Lieut. Col of Militia

San Felipe de Austin April 20, 1824-4th 3d-

Military Commandant of Texas