James Cummins to Stephen F. Austin, 05-03-1824

Summary: Indian treaty. Militia organization. Oath to acta constitutiva.

May 3d 1824


In compliance of your Request I have Called on Carrete and sent for Spanish John and Read the Treaty and had it interpreted and after Giving a Talk he agreed to Sign the Treaty and Said he would Move out of the Settlement in a few days, but he told me he wanted to see you before he Started. I gave him a Copy of the Treaty which he will shew to you I Told him verry posetively that after he had signed the Treaty he must Comply with it he appeared Verry Humble and agreed to the Contents of it saying it was good Chino also signed it Saying he was an old Captain. Carrete wants me to write to you to give him some Tobacco Corn and powder you Can do as you please about that— I Read the Treaty to the people at our meeting the other day at Rossen [Rawson] Allys they were all well pleased with it—- I do think a good one for which some of us gives you our thanks—

The people of our Destrict tried to Elect their officers on the day apointed but were so much devided they Could not do it. the Lower and upper end of the Destrict is so much devided I think it will be best to separate us and let the big Lake on the Colorado be the division there will then be about 30 men in Each Destrict and the people will all be better sattisfied—they were all well sattisfied with the Consitution the governors proclamation and your adress and said nothing against your letter, the most of them ware there and all Took the oath—and rejoiced etc

James Cummins

Colo Stephen F Austin