Stephen F. Austin to James Cummins, 05-04-1823

Summary: Military reorganization.


In Finding that there appears some disagreement between the two sections of the Settlement on the Colorado relative to the appointment of Militia officers I have thought it would satisfy all parties to form a Seperate detachment in the upper Settlement, and have therefore issued the enclosed order which you will see executed—

St Felipe de Austin May 4 1824

Yours etc

Stephen F Austin Lt. Col.

J. Cummins Alcalde of Colorado

The settlers living in the Colorado district above the Eagle Lake will form a Seperate Detachment of Militia, and will proceed on the day and at the place which the Alcalde of Said district may appoint, to elect a proper person to command the said detachment the sd detachment shall be called the upper detachment of the Colorado District— The returns must be sent to me as Soon as possible that the commission may be made out in conformity with them the alcalde of the Colorado is charged with the execution of this order.

St Felipe de Austin May 4, 1824 4.-3

Stephen F. Austin Lt. Col.