Stephen F. Austin to James E. B. Austin, 05-04-1824

Summary: Instructions for moving mother and sister to Texas. Transportation. Commerce. Condition of the colony.

[May 4,1824.]

Memorandum for my brother J. E. B. Austin

You will go on to Nackitosh and on your arrival there determine wheither to continue on by land through Arkansas or to go up the Mississippi by water—if the weather appears favourable and the waters are down I had much rather you should go by Little Rock, Call on McNeil beyond Nacogodoches and deliver my letter to him—- also on McGuffin and on Dr Sibly and Mr Cable in N[atchitoches] you must send me from Nackitoches or Alexandria if you go by there, two Reams of good writing paper if you can get an opportunity and if you cannot send so much send as much as you can I want it for the deeds also one large blank book—2 yards of Red buntin or flannel 2 of Green and 2 of white for a flag some narrow Red, white and green ribbon for cockades—also some barks and Salts-—these are all the articles I want from there—and perhaps House can bring them —also a good Mosquetoe bar

If y[ou do] not go on by land proceed as far as Alexandria and if the road is passable, as far as Natchez and sell the horse and mule as well as possible and be very particular not to spend one cent more than you are obliged to do—enquire for the Dolphin or some boat bound to St. Louis but try and get in a good one—

You will encourage all good moral and industrious men of families to move here who have some property to begin with—those who are not of that character you need say nothing to—Single men cannot get any Land [from] me for as many of them are already [in the colony?] as can be, but wages here are high and they may do well in that way and buy land from others—some may want you to give them letters to me, but you must be very cautious to know who and what they are before you give a letter to them and let it be generally known that those who come without good recommendations cannot get land nor be allowed to remain here and let the Methodists know the truth relative to Religion—also let it be known that a part must be paid down in cash or cattle—but do not make any display or noise, treat all who make enquiries politely [answer] them as well as you can, and put nothing in the news papers-- If you go by Little Rock be very particular to get possession of my trunk that was left at Vaughns on the little Missouri Stevenson had the care of it, and send the things to Nathaniel Cox in New Orleans -—at Little Rock collect all the property left there by me or my father or Bryan and send it to Cox in Orleans— enquire of Ashley relative to the little Rock property and insist on his giving a deed to Mrs Bryan of her part of that property which was deeded by Bryan to H. Elliott—tell him that Elliott told me he had never received any compensation for it and only took the Deed to befriend Bryan—and if Ashley will not do what is right employ Crittenden to commence suit and let the people know how Ashley has acted in the business, but be particular not to say anything about it untill you see Ashley and know That he will do—If you do not go by Little Rock, Soon after your arrival in Herculanium go to St Louis and see Mr. W. C. Carr relative to the Little Rock business and explain it to him and Mrs Elliott—and then go to Little Rock— also enquire what H. Elliott did with Sylvanus Castleman's Lot of land in the big field and take that business out of their hands and rent the lot—

Ask Mrs H. Elliott wheither she wishes me to secure her any land in this country and [assure her of] my desire to serve her—that is if justice is done to Emily-

Be very particular to collect all the little property that Emily has and provide well for them on the journey, bring all their beds and bedding and pot kettle and crockery ware &c that are of light carrage, and bring all kinds of Garden seeds and roots, particularly nectarines Peach, Pairs Grapes &c &c—Currants—Gooseberry— Rose Roots of the ... etc [Perhaps arrangemen]ts can be made by you and Varner to come by Sea write me immediately, and if I make any arrangements here I will write to Natchez and to the mouth of Red River to be left with Warren Hall. I am most in favor of your coming by land—bring a light dearborn waggon and gears which ever way you come—bring the family of negros that Emily has at all hazards and I will settle with Bryan for them—if you can get Lucy and Babtiste and Poll without paying too much money do so and not without

You must bring a good sett of blacksmith tools—Some homade cloth for me for summer and winter clothing. I wish all the family to wear nothing else—

Try and move Aunt Austin and help her all you can have a good tent provided for the road and bring as much furniture as you think a light waggon could haul from Nachitoches—all these things you must arrange the best way you can—bring 1000. of lead which send to N. Cox of Orleans and some shot—and all the heavy articles send to 1$- Cox but pay the fright and write to Cox to ship them to me at the mouth of this River as soon as he can—try and make an arrangement with Honey to [ freight ] down the family and things and wait [for payment] or I will save him [some lan]d here of 600—or a 1000 acres—[Bring] sugar and Coffee and Rice etc for the [journey?] a keg of allspice to season pumpkins and . . . [also?] bring 2 sets of plain shovels and tongues [some?] garden spades and 2 mining picks to dig [ out ? ] the mill race—andirons—mosquitoe bars tell Roberts and Bruffy &c that I have done all I could for them and will send money to them as soon as I can—if they come here I can pay them in land that will be a fortune to them— try and get Saml. Perry to come on with the family and look at the country- remember me to all my old acquaintances at the mines &c— have a handsome flag made with an Eagle painted on it—Mother and Sister can make it bring some shoes for us all—lot Sister make me some Cokades for the militia officers

I will send in the waggon so as to be at McGuffins by the 15 or 20 day of October and let them wait there untill they hear from you, so that when you arrive at Alexandria or Nachetosh you must send up to McGuffins for the Waggon and Horses—I will also send in a few Horses or mules to sell to buy a few Cows to drive along to give milk on the road be cautious about making any contracts with any one for lands or settlements here, for by the time you return the 300 families may all be filled up and then I should have difficulty with them, but if you can get 500 or 1000 dollars in Cash to help towards buying a vessel . . . land If S. Perry comes he . . . vessell of 40 or 50 tons------

Encourage all good men of families [to come] if they do not get land from me they can [buy from others] Let old Jack do as he pleases about coming . . . he should come for I will take good care [of him as long] as he [live]s

S. [F. Austin]

write [me eve]ry opportunity——