Jose Antonio Saucedo to Colonists, 05-21-1824

Summary: Proclamation of political chief (Saucedo). Assuring the colonists of Austin's ample authority.


The Political Chief of the Province of Texas to the inhabitants of the Colorado and Brazos in the Colony formed by the Empresario Stephen F. Austin

Understanding that in consequence of my arrival in these parts some of the inhabitants have erroneously persuaded themselves that the object of my visit here has been to deprive the Empresiario Stephen F. Austin of the power which the government had granted him to organize its commencement this new establishment and to administer justice, Stop all differences that might arise between the inhabitants and preserve good order, until thicker settled and better informed as to the laws that govern in the new Country which you have adopted, You acquire the necessary elements to apoint your justices, and the Ayuntamentos or representative bodies, designated by the laws to watch over the public order and promote whatever may tend to the prosperity of the People, fearing from this measure unfavourable results which would lead to confusion and possible tend to your ruin—-

But far from me has been all such ideas, and I hope that you will see by what will be communicated to you that my measures have been directed to your good, and I now positively assure you that said Austin is completely authorized by the Supreme Government to found this Colony and unless he forfits the good opinion that is now entertained of him he will continue to exercise the Civil and Military powers he now has untill the organization of this Colony is completed and you acquire the nessisary elements to govern yourselves by means of the authorities above indicated.

Signed Jose Antonio Saucedo

Town of San Filipe de Austin May 21st 1824— 4 and 3

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