Philip T. Dimmitt to Stephen F. Austin, 05-22-1824

Summary: Request for payment of a draft.

Bexar. May 22 1824

Dear Friend

Sr. I have Drawn a bill on you which you will oblige me if you will pay in June and on my arrival I will pay you the cash which I Know will sute the best, This is the first time since I lost my hand that I have attempted to write and I did not know that I was able to write, I am so over rejoiced that I am not able to Containe my Self but it is with much difficulty if it was not so much pain for me to write I would be more explicit.

I remember you as a Father and with every affection of an honest hart

P. T. Dimmitt [Rubric]

The amt. of Mr. Kerrs a/c $ Dollars

[Addressed:] Mr. S. F. Austin St Phillipe Brazos