James E. B. Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 05-23-1824

Summary: Death of mother.

Nachitoches May 23d 1824.

Dear Brother

I arrived here on the 20 I[n]st after a journey of considerable delay and fatigue—the Steam B. had left here the morning I arrived the Hornet will be up this evening and I hope to leave this on the morrow or next day— I should have proceeded on by land but my horse was so reduced (owing to the flies and Knats) and the mule so lame I considered it would be impractable I therefore sent them out to McGuffins to sell if he could if not to send them on by House—

It now becomes my painful task to acquaint you of the death of our Mother. On my arrival here I proceeded to the post Office where I found 2 letters for you one from our much lamented Mother, and the other from E. Bates containing the Sad News— I enclose them both. We shall soon be left without relatives Our family has been sorely Visited by Divine providence— Sister and E. Bates are the only ones remaining. I am to much afflicted to dwell on this subject any longer— All the things you wish for can not be procured I send 1. ream of Paper the best I can procure— the Blank Books are of such an inferior quality that I shall send none— llb- Bar Salts— there in no bunting in the place— The trunk you left with Denny was sold at publick sale and every thing in it except the Mosquito Bar which McGuffin will send out to you the first opportunity— I think if an arrangement can be made I had better return by water—for the expence attending a voyage up this river at that season of the year will be something let us come in what way we may— make some determination by the time Thos Alley starts— Varner assures me no difficulty will arise as respects funds on his part.

N. Edwards formerly Govr of Illinois is appointed Minister to Mexico— he is instructed to claim on the part of the U. S. the country from the Sabine to the Rio GrandeDoct Sibly—and Mr Cable—will forward you some papers—no more at present

J. Austin.

Col. Stephen F. Austin