Mathew Scobey to Stephen F. Austin, 05-29-1824

Summary: Wants information about Government and land titles. Crop failure on Red River.

Long Prairie [Arkansas] May 29 1824

Mr. S. F. Auston

Deak Sir this is the second time I have put pen on paper to write to you; I am in hopes if you receive these lines you will take the trouble of writeing to me,

I want you if you please sir; to State what sort of a Government you have, at this time; or expect to have in your Country As there is a Number of Valuable Citizens in this place, that wants to moove to Texis; if they were not a fraid of the Lawes of that Countrery. And there is a Number of People, that thinks you will never git a grant, for your land If you will be so good, as to give a full Statement, of the Cituation of your Country; It will be very pleasing to the Citizens upon Red River; Col Dooley is at my house at this time; he is very Anxious, to moove; to your Contry times is very hard on Red River No money to be had; Croops has looked very well to within a few days. (But now bad enough) The Worms has taken the Gotten (Clean and smooth) and has begun on the Corn; where they will stop God onley knows

My self and familey is in good health, and the People Generally in this Place

I should be extremely glad to here from you,

Mathew Scobey