Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F. Austin, 06-03-1824

Summary: Hawkin's estate and his expenditures for the colony. General Wilkinson.

New Orleans 3. June 1824.

Colo. S. F. Austin

Dear Sir, Your letter dated the 20 April has just reached me thro' the post office—and I have particularly noted the contents—

I have wrote you several times by persons going to the Province Since the death of our much lamented friend Hawkins, giving an account of the moneys he has Expended in Effecting the object, now under consideration—and still hope some of my letters may get safe to hand—

The amount which appears to have been so appropriated by him Exceeds Thirty Thousand dollars—this includes the purchas of Vessells, Cargoes, and disbursements to officers and seamen—Loans to individuals traveling to and from the grant, who are unknown to me, and lost to his Heirs Except as a charge to the grant— payments made to you and on your draft—and the dreadfull Item of Usurious Interest to money Brokers for loans at difft times—

After the death of our friend Mrs. Hawkins made up her mind to return to Kentucky, leaving with me full power and authority to transact all business connected with the Estate of her deceased Husband upon which she administered, and so far I have done all I could do in Settling the Estate, but which from the nature of the obligations of Mr Hawkins leaves but little to do, for he had mortgaged all his real property and the furniture was under Execution at the time of his death—

I fully approve the resolution you have adopted with regard to the Texas property, for it would now only be sacrificed if put in his name, and pay none of the Debts—for I do not beleive if the whole grant was put up at auction a Sale could be effected for One Hundred dollars—Therefore the only plan wh. can avail Mrs Hawkins and her children is the one you have adopted—and the time may come when it may make them independent—

I would answer your Enquires as to a Vessell for the purpose of communicating with the Brasos if I could do So with any degree of Satisfaction—I should however suppose one of 30 to 40 Tons might be had for 1000 or 1200 $ pble [payable] one half Cash and the balance at 6 or 8 months—but I have so little intercourse with the Lake craft that my statemt is founded on uncertainty-

General Wilkinson has not yet returned to Louisiana, nor do we expect him for some months yet—he remains as he says in letters to his wife and Son, to close the accounts of Individuals who put claims into his hands for advances to the Republic many years ago, and which from all I can learn remain as much unsettled as the day he reached Mexico

Nath. Cox.