Randall Jones to Stephen F. Austin, 06-04-1824

Summary: Suggesting instructions to deputy in State congress. Slavery, registering marks and brands, forbidding the killing of deer and horses for skins, forbidding the burning of the prairie.

Fort Settlement 4th June 1824

Dear Sir

agreeable to the notice we received some of us agreed to have a meeting but I think we lack publick spirit. I would come up but our horses have been injurd by the flies so much that I could not come. My wish is that this country should populate fast and I think that nothing would facilitate that more than the admission of Slavery in this state. An act for the regestering of marks and brands also ought to claim the attention of the Legislature The increase of stock will cause difficulties. An act to prevent the killing of Deer and Wild horses for the Skins alone I think necessary also. An [act] to prevent persons from Setting the praria on fire near the Settlements would be necessary; at certain seasons if the praria was fird it would destroy our stocks. As a citizen wishing to conform to every request of my officers I have thought proper to communicate my sentiments in this way

R. Jones

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin St Felipe De Austin