Lawrence Richard Kenny to State Congress, 06-05-1824

Summary: Proceedings of a meeting to instruct deputy in State congress. Request of National Congress privilege of raising and exporting tobacco. Request State congress to safeguard slavery.

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Austin's Colony held at the Town of San Felipe de Austin on Saturday the 5 day of June 1824— The following Resolutions were adopted—

lst—Resolved that a Committee of 4 persons be appointed to draft a meml. to the sovereign Congress of the Nation praying them to Grant to this Province the Privilege of raising Tobacco and selling it to the Governt. on the same terms allowed to the Towns of Cordova Orizaba etc or on such terms as the Govt. may deem just and also the privilege of raising that Article for exportation

2dly. Resolved that said Committee draft a Meml. to the State Legislature praying them to admit the Emigrants to this Province to bring their slaves with them, that is should there be no prohibitory clause in the National Constitution forbidding it, And also to pass such Laws as may be deemed just and necessary to secure to the actual settlers in this Colony the safe possession of their Slaves and their increase brought into this Country under the faith of the Governmt. guaranted to them in the Colonization Law

3d1y. Resolved that said Committee be Authorised to sign said Petitions with name of the Inhabitants of this Colony and to send them on to the Deputy in the Legislature of this State with instructions to forward on the One Addressed to the Congress, supported by the Legislature of the state if it is approved of by them And to use his best endeavours to support the other in the State Legislature.

4.thly. Resolved that Colonel Stephen F Austin Colonel Coln James Cummins and Coln. J E Groce do compose the said Committee to Act under the foregoing Resolutions—

The foregoing is a correct Minute of the Proceedings at the aforesd. Meeting—

Lauce Richd. Kenny Clke

[Endorsed by Austin:] Resolutions at Genl. meeting June 5— 1824—