Stephen F. Austin et al to Provincial Deputation, 06-10-1824

Summary: Transmitting petitions to Federal Congress concerning tobacco monopoly and slavery.

[June 10,1 1824]

The Inhabitants of the Settlement formed by the Empresario Stephen F. Austin in the province of Texas at a general Meeting Convened by said Austin on the 5th of June instant in Consequence of the indication given by Y. E. in the Official letter dated the 10m of May last that if the Inhabitants wished to give any instructions to the deputy in the Legislature of this State Whereby their situation or that of the Inhabitants of this distressed province would probably be benefited they could do so and remit them to the M. E. deputation or to the deputy in person—Unanimously elected Stephen F. Austin Jared E. Groce, James Cummings and Jno P. Coles a Committee for the purpose of drafting Memorials to the Sovereign Congress of the Mexican Nation on the subject of slavery and the cultivation of Tobacco which Committee were directed by the said Inhabitants to forward the Memorial on those subjects to your Excellency with a request that should they be approved of that Y. E. will have the goodness to transmit them to the sovereign Congress of the Nation supported by the recommendation of your excellency and also that Y. E. would be pleased to petition the Congress of the State to support the memorials with their recommendation and influence—

The Inhabitants of this Colony also directed the Undersigned their Committee to return the sincere thanks of these Colonists to Y. E. for giving them the said Indication and to present to Y. E. their high respect and Confidence in the Talents and patriotism of the M. E. D. [Most Excellent Deputation] and that they will Cheerfully Cooperate so far as their means extend in promoting any measures Calculated to advance the prosperity of this hitherto neglected and distressed provence.

Estevan F. Austin Jared E. Groce Santiago Cummings Jno P. Coles Comte.

To the most Ext Deputation of this Province