Stephen F. Austin to Amos Rawls, 06-14-1824

Summary: Preparations for campaign against Karankawas. Committee on memorials to Congress. Land titles.

June 14—1824


I recd. your letter this morning informing me of the affair with three Karankaways on the River near Keykendalls and in which you request the men from here to meet on the 15 instead of the 20— It will be impossible to give notice to the men in the upper part of this Company Sooner than tomorrow and it then would take them 2 days to get to the place of rendavous, I have therefore thought it most advisable to send on as many as are ready from this place one of whom will go by the fort to hurry those from that quarter— on the 16th or night of the 15. I think it would be advisable for you to send out three sets of spies, one down the Bay Prairie, one down the west bank of the Colorado, and one over in the direction towards La Baca with a view of finding where the Indians are encamped, the spies should be most particularly charged to use every possible precaution to prevent their being seen by the Indians, and to return to the place fixed upon for the general rendavous on the night of the 19th—by which time, all the Men will [be] there, and as the Spies will probably find the Camps of the Indians you can then March directly to them with your whole force—also it would be advisable to keep out a few spies close round the Settlement codstantly—least there should be some other small parties of Indians hid in the brush—I make these suggestions as my opinion of the best course to pursue, but being on the spot you ought to be more capable of judging what steps are necessary and will consequently use your own discretion as regards this particular or any other circumstances in the business—I am obliged to meet the Committee on the 16th at Col. Groces who were appointd at the Genl. Meeting on the 5th of this Month to finish that business, and on the 20. intend starting John Austin and Kennedy to San Antonio to accompany the Political chief of the Province to this Place, in order to Sign and complete the deeds for the Settlers so that it will be impossible for me to go to your Section of the Country at this time without neglecting other matters of great importance to the Settlers.

Should you lack officers as you probably will you must make temporary appointments for the trip, of Lieutenants, Sergents and Corporals, taking care to consult the wishes of the men so as not to create any dissatisfaction—

[Stephen F. Austin.]

[Captain Amos Rawls]