P. T. Dimmitt to Stephen F. Austin, 06-15-1824

Summary: Defending Austin's right to collect payment for settling on lands in the colony. Hostility of certain agitators. Father Garza wants a tax. Slavery. Bastrop.

Baxer June [about 15] 1824.

Mr Austin Sr Afew days sence I was inform that you had much troble and difficulty with the Citizens of your Coloney conserning thare Lands but I am so badley informed on the Subject that I am not able to from [form] an opinion I was informed that Lt. Branom stated to the Inhabitants of the Two Rivers that thay had not the Eight to pay more than $30 Dollars for every League Square and he went so fare as to Say that you ware deceving and swinling the people and I have bin alarmed at your Situation nowing the men you have to deal with, me and the Barron had a long Conversation on the Subject I assure you I had some apprehenson that you would have Much difficulty with those Gent. immediately after thay left this place from a Grat maney observations which was maid before thay left this plase for your plase, I believe Mr Peck and Price maid maney observations to your disadvantage Mosqus and maney others in this plase are your enemeys Sr the Barron is your friend to every extent Sr I am not in a situation to doo by him as he done by me

Sr your friendship towards me is that of acquaintance a friend and that of a farther and I consider you as one Sr it is not necessary for me to express my sentiments of my Grat Intres and friendship that I hold for you Sr in the futur you must judge me by my acts and conduct towards you and for you to find the rail sentiments and principles of my boosum I will drop this Subject and let it live in the brest of the worthey Sr since Lt Branom started down I felt desirous of Hering from you I have concluded he would play the devil and I have thought that the fruits of your 3 Years hard labor would be blasted by the envious and ambisious Sr I now the Grounds on which you stand I Recd that information on my return to this piase but that is with me as it is with you for you onley to Ree a Beggers pension wich congress allowed you for 3 Years Hard, labor and expences it is out of the qustion and befor I would be imposed on by the ungratfull inhabitants of the Coloney I would at once Dam the Hole I would not permit the Interisted and ambicious Blood Suckers live from the benifits of my exertions and labor that you have spent in the 3 last Years pass, Sr you must forgyive my daring Diction to you but say to your Self, that it is from the Reflection of Good feelings and for a man to look around on and vew mankinds ingratitude for what doe we hesitate or hop[e] to pay those carracters eavel for eavel and not comply with commanments as it is not within our power to revenge our selves of envey and malice

I will say nothing more on this subject of this worlds unfathfulness and ingratitude one to each other may every Mans probity end according as his Inward principles stand within him Leaving those principles to be judgd by the Supream Power who is wise just and impaseal, the ammount I am informed that you are bound to recd for every League Square it will not pay the amt it has cost you not onley that the Grat troble and time you have spent in regulating each mans Track of land Sr if I had the conducting of the settlement I would Settle only 200 famileys instead of 300 if the settlers of the coloney would not comply with your terms. I was informed the other day Lt Branom preposed settling one spanard betwen every american The B. [Baron] is your friend but complains of some little first plase he says he wrote you to lay off one league of land for his friend Laboom and one for each of his children and him self which he says you did not and some other things which I am not able to find out and from what I am able to learn from him he wishes that the inhabitants to support him while in the legislature, If the peple of the Coloney doo not support him I am of an opinion he will not be able to go Mosques and many others in this plase are your open and dec[l]ared enemys Padrey Garsey wishes to rais a tax or a contribution from the Settlers I now not for what perpis he also stated as you were receiving a high price for your lands he thought you could contribute to him? this observation was maid from a suppose chat he had with Lt. Branom on his return from your plase he would have bin asked for an explination but for fere of some danger rising from an Enquire it was delaid the Padry is your friend from what I am able to assertain

There is no Political News in this plase the Barron would write you but he [is] at present very much ocupied at presant he will leve her[e] in 10 days for your plase, the Barron send his best compliments to you

Sr you will be so good as not to for git my little busness I wish you to reserve a league of land below Bells some piase and one for me farther I want them as low down as possible

The non admishion of Slavery has distress me very much, The B. preposes maney remadays and proposials to Congress for the admishion of Slavry in this Province I cannot coincide with him in opinion thay may possible be logical founded on the best, and most mature reflection and experience, it will rest with you to plan the present and future happiness and properiey [prosperity] of the coloney (for the ingratitud of the inhabitance) which they are about to pay you Sr you will forgive me for desiring you to attend to my little busness with Pettus etc and my land


NB my hand is very unstadey to write as Yet