Stephen F. Austin to Jose Antonio Saucedo, 06-20-1824

Summary: Steps to complete titles to settlers. First contract for 300 families nearly completed. Drouth.

I regret much to say to you that we have had no rain since your departure from here, which has so much discouraged the Colonists, that several of them think of leaving the Country and some have already made their preparations to go back, which may cause a serious injury to this Province [by checking?] an increase of population, and improvements. But I am of the opinion that they would all remain if they had in their hands titles for their lands, for this reason, I have sent John Austin to wait upon you on your way to the settlement, and to have done at once with that business. Some more families have arrived, nearly the 300 are here and the others are on their way; so we may complete the whole proceedings in a very short time. Therefore, I request you to be pleased to come with John, or to send the Commissioner Baron de Bastrop, for the purpose of having done entirely with this business.

San Felipe de Austin June 20, 1824.

Estevan F Austin