Stephen F. Austin to Amos Rawls, 06-22-1824

Summary: Method of dealing with Indian horse thieves.

[June 22, 1824 ?]

Information haveing been lodged with me that positive proof exists that the Tancahua Indians stole the horses lost by Mr. William Rabb and Mr. Joseph Newman near the La Bahia Road, on the Colorado and that said Indians had the said horses in their possession a short time since and probably now have them Therefore you are hereby fully authorised to raise as many men as may be deemed necessary and proceed to the camp of Sandea or any other encampment where there is a probability of finding the said Horses or the thieves who stole them, and make a demand of the said horses and the theives, should they be delivered up you will punish the theives by whipping them severely and shaving the head—Should they refuse to deliver up said horses you are authorised to take as many horses, mules, or any other property as may [be] deemed sufficient to pay for the lost horses and deliver them to said Rabb and newman informing the said Indians that unless the said stolen horses are returned in ten days the property so taken will be detained and paid to said Rabb and Newman in the lieu of the lost horses—

[Endorsed:] Copy of order to Rawls