Philip T. Dimmitt to Stephen F. Austin, 06-25-1824

Summary: Bastrop's character.

Bexar. 25th June 1824

Judge. Austin

Sr. A few days since I wrote you by two Gentl. of your Coloney. Sr. I may be incombesom ? with my addresses you will be so good as to forgive my Intrusion and contribute it to feelings of friendship. I am at present without news. I have peticion the Judge for a write or an order to take the mortgages by Massey it is for the purpose of aiding you. I would explain my self to you but some accident might happen my letter Sr. I will leave this place in 20 days for U. S. Since I returned to this place I recd 6 letters from home and I think at presant I will not come by your house Part of my letters contains news very argreeable and part not so pleasant. Sr I rec'd letters from Two my most particular friends—which arrived on the coast about 30 days ago one is formally the president of the Branch Bank of Kentuckey one I presume you know he was five years ago the Speaker of the House of the Legislature Mr. G. B. Thompson of Mercer County they are my most devoted friends Sr I wish to see you very much. The Barron comes down for the purpose of raising money for to pay his expense in the Legislature I know well what is his business you will say nothing to him on the Subject of my business and letters he is a man very wavering and inconstant in mind and acts.

I confess to you I did not know him formally but he has no stability in Thinking, acting and doing etc.

I am without news, my life is sustained by hopes and prospects

I hope you have settled your business to your satisfaction with the settlers of your Colony. I remain your

P. T. Dimmitt [Rubric]