Dr. John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 07-08-1824

Summary: Good report of Texas. Mexican Constitution good, except article establishing Catholic religion, which he thinks will be tacitly disregarded in Texas. England and the holy alliance. Mail service between Mexico and United States, State and Katonal politics.

Nackitosh July 8th 1824

Dr Sir.

I had the double pleasure of receiving your letter and by the hand of your brother, no opportunity has offered of writing to you since. The Bearers, Messrs. Cherbonier and Trizena are fitting out a trading voyage and are desirous of visiting your Settlement if they can—Mr Cherbonier is a man of integrity and honour, has for a considerable time had the charge of our Public Academy, the other gentleman I know only as a merchant, they are worthy your attention

I hear from every body that you have a prospect of abundant crops, so that those who may desire to emigrate thither need be under no apprehension for the want of provisions. I am highly pleased with the description your brother gives of your whol Establishment Particularly the Town, the purity of your well water is of the first Consideration, the mills will give great facility to building, as well as grinding.

I coppied the Mexican Constitution to send to Washington, but at the same time found by the papers it was there, I have no objections to it Except the Article of Religion, and in Taxes—I think it will in a short time be silent (or tacit) as the inhabitants will be mostly Americans the happiness of the People depends more on the administration than the form of government, you will govern yourselves; your brother informd me your Town lotts would be sold at Auction to raise a fund for the improvement of the Same— As I always intended to be a proprietor and may move there, I wish vou to secure for me a Couple of Lotts adjoining or a whol Square as you may think proper; I am fond of Building and am used to it, and never like to be crampt. I shall want near, lands for a small farm; I intend to come and see you, but cannot now fix the time.—

I am sorry I cannot send you a Newspaper containing W. Canning the English Ministers rejoly to Prince Polinaz who came to England from Paris to move the English Govt to send a delegate to meet delegates from the holy Alliance (or Allied powers) at the request of the king of Spain to concert measures to reduce again under the king of Spain Spanish America. Mr Cannings reply is clear and prompt he says they will not meet at Paris for the King of Spain well knows the opinion of England which will not be changed. England will not interfere If Spain chooses to exhaust herself in so fruitless an attempt, but will not suffer any other power to assist her, and should any attempt it, England will immediately Acknowledge their independence and defend them, which has been too long delayed, the reply is a positive Avowall of the determination of England, It has disconcerted the Allies and no doubt decided the Independence of Spanish America, which will soon be Recognized by all Europe at least that is the opinion in this Country.

You mention the intention of sending a Regular Mail, could it be connected with Mexico I have no doubt Our Post Master-General will meet the proposal for an exchange of Mail as is now done in the Canada line and Nova Scotia. I am not Acquainted with the Postmaster General now Mr. McLean of Ohio but through Our delegates in Congress I can have the subject discussed, and no doubt the thing can be affected, we now have a Newspaper Published here, I have in this packet of News papers Inclosed the Printers Prospectus, he asks your Patronage.

Our candidates for President are J. Q. Adams, W. H. Crawford, H. Clay and Genl Jackson and you can as well judge who will be the successful Candidate as we can Clay or Jackson will feel more interested for Mexico and of course will be our choice; I see a Bill has passed in Congress to Extend further west the Boundary of Arkensa. it is a little curious that, that Territory extends jurisdiction to the settlements on the South side of Red River in Texas, collects taxes and inforces her Laws—You will see by the Papers the appointment of Ninian Edwards Minister to Mexico, but his getting into a dispute with Crawford Secty of the Treasury, 'tis thought will so affect him that he will not be permitted to proceed on the embassy—It is said here on the Authority of Our Member of Congress Col Brent, that our Govt will not regard the Sabine as Our Boundary, but will renew our Claim to the River Grand; Our Minister will be instructed as to that the papers will acquaint you of the Nature of the difficulty between Mr Edwards and Mr Crawford—We cannot yet know the Result of the Election in this State, a governor, three Members of Congress, and Our State Legislature have just been voted for. The Candidates for Governor, Henry Johnston Late Senator in Congress, Villere Marigney. Genl Thomas and Judge Butler, Johnston has resigned as Senator that he may be Governor, that gives Mr Livingston a place in the Senate and Grymes in the House of Representatives where Mr Livingston now is—J. S. Johnston remains one year more in the Senate and will probably be Reelected for six years. Judge Bullard is a Candidate for Congress in place of Mr Brent but many think he will fail partly owing to some illiberal pieces that have been published against Brent, not avowed by Mr Bullard nor disavowed.—The last month June has been the Hottest Month here for 21 years since I have lived here the Mercury in all the Month has from 3. to 5 P. M. "vibrated betwen 95 and 100 in a cool exposure rather too cool a place than too warm, and the same Month has been Remarkably dry, which with the Ravages of the Web worm has much injured the corn and cotton in many places—This part of Louissiana sets in rather sickley. The Measles has ran through our settlement and the Whooping Cough is following with a Bowel Complaint of which several have died—The River did not raise for Steam Boats till Late, it is now getting too low, two steam boats were here 3 or 4 days ago, there is one below Expected up tomorrow, this town is pretty well supplied with every Article for the season.—I am always glad to hear from you. No one more ardently wishes for the prosperity of your Colony and for your individual health and happiness.

John Sibley.

Judge Austin.