Aylett C. Buckner to Josiah H. Bell, 07-25-1824

Summary: Commerce.

J. H. Bell 25th July 1824

To Buckner and Powel Dr

This sum in Cash_______________________________________________$25. 00 1 Phial Laudanum_________________________________75cts \ 1 do Balsam______________________________________75 | ___ 2. 25 1 do Penny Royal____________________________75 / 30 lbs Nails 25 cts____________________________________________ 7. 50 _______ By $34. 75 2 Doz Buttons_________________________________________________ 4. ________ Balance due____________________________________________________$30. 75

Mr. Bell you will please pay to Colo Austin or order the above account and oblidge yours respectfully

Aylett C. Buckner

Mr. J. H. Bell

N. B. The $25 to be paid in cash the balance in trade


If you made use of the horse which you recd at twenty dollars in any way that might have caused his death I shall expect you to pay me that amt but if you merely wrode him home to your house and did not use him afterwards I am willing to sustain the loss though I am in no ways bound to do so neither am I under any obligations to sustain the loss

Aylett C. Buckner

J. H. Bell

25th July 1824