Anthony R. Clarke to Stephen F. Austin, 07-xx-1824

Summary: News of Iturbide's departure from England for Mexico. United States and Texas. Politics.

Col Austin

Dear Sir

I have just returned from Nachitoches the last news from Europe is that Iterbede the late Emperor of Mexico has sailed from Eng- land in a private armed ship for Vera Cruz, the account that he published in England was that the people of Mexico had been continually sending for him to come and take charge of the Government as the Inhabitants was not capable of governing themselves that his object was to go and render them all the assistance in his power An officer in the United States army informed me that he read an account in french from Parris which stated that he was appoint[ed] by Ferdinando as Vice Roy of Mexico and was going to take charge of the Mexican provinces for the Spanish Government, I give you the account as I heard it I do not answer for the truth of it you must judge for yourself, the late report in circulation that the United [States] was going to get possession of the Province of Texas I believe is unfounded Doctr Sibly informed me that he wrote to Johnson, the Senator from Louisiana who informed him that it was not thought of at Washington, as I was leaving Nachitoches Mr Hopkins arrived from New Orleans I went to see him he informed me that Johnson had arrived at Orleans from Washington that he Dined with him the day before he left town, that the american Government has no Idea of holding the Province of Texas The Committy in Congress have intirely acquited Mr. Crawford of all the charges—brought against him by Governor Edwards. Edwards has resigned as Minister to Mexico it is reported that Cadwaller Golden of New York is appointed by the President but has declined going. A gentleman from New York is appointed Consul for Toluco and is gone for that place, five agents has arrived from England for Mexico the Congress immediately appointed a Minister for the Court [of] England who was to sail in eight days for England in the Sloop of war that brought out the Agents- excuse this scrawl Col. ... is waiting for it—

Anthy R Clarke [Rubric]