L. B. Hawkins to James E. B. Austin, 08-03-1824

Summary: Commerce in Texas. Character of Mexican population.

Lexington [Kentucky] August 3 1824

James E. B. Austin

Dear Sir Since last writing you I have prepared a Power of Attorney to enable the Judge to do something in that Modeira business I fear that Dimmit has [not?] done what I instructed him Mosquis and his friend Donvictor both promised to aid him in the collection of debt In fact they are honourably bound to pay the money it was [with] them my Brother Contracted for the freight of those articles and Not Modeira and fact Don Victor Blanco offered to pay the Money before they left San Antonio and in a letter from Mont Clover [Monclova] offered his services again to Collect that Money I have No hesitation in believing that Mosquis and Donvictor will not suffer me to loose that Money it was hardly earned I paid out of my Own pocket at least $150 to vessels and hands to endevor to get their Articles landed at the Guadaloop Instead of the Colorado where My Brother agreed to land them, that was done to save Carriage from the Colorado to San Antonio this they know to be true under those Circumstances they ought to feel themselves bound to pay that debt please get Judge Austin and Allouri to sell the property also to Collect this Money Don Manuel Allouri knows me to be a correct Man I must feel satisfied that when I left St Antonio that I had Made more than ample arrangement to have [illegible] debt paid I left in the hands of Dimmit at least $1100 of claims On what the best men in Country the Go. among the rest say if Sandovall paid Dimmit the money I loaned him and what has become of him, If his own Country Men after the services rendered them will de[a]l so dishonest it is a misfortune I had rather beg my bread than live among men that you cannot make a transaction with without being deceived by them I can say with truth that the only honest men in the Two Citties are Don Erasmo Don Allouri Don Victor Blanco and Don E. Mosquis . . . [torn] did the Don Doctor hewitson ever pay Dimmit for the gold Watch which I let him have I should like to know what has become of the Doctor if married to some lady that any man can have access to who has a little cash I fear that is his fate before this period at Mon Clover I have so many things to say that I am at a loss what to say first please speek of me to our friends in San Antonio affectionately particularly Baron de Bastropp

god bless you

L. B. Hawkins

[Addressed:] James E. B. Austin Esq Herculanium Missouri Write often and ask your good Brother to do the same the loss [of] our Brother is not to be repaired to his or my family all our losses and disappointments on this world together dose not equal that

L. B. Hawkins.