Nathaniel Cox to Stephen F. Austin, 08-06-1824

Summary: J. H. Hawkins's expenditure for the colony. Austin's plans for settlement with his estate. Crops in Louisiana.

New Orleans 6, August 1824.

Dear Sir

I see by your note dated the 12th of last month and post: marked Natchitoches 27th that several of my communications since the death of our friend H have miscaried—Also that you had not received the paper and quills sent by a Mr---------Some time in February or March last—Infact the intercourse is so very uncertain that it appears almost useless to attempt keeping a correspondence—

I received some time ago a packett from you with a letter for Mrs Hawkins which was sent to her by a neibour that was here at the time—and wrote to her stating your wish with regard to making a division of the property in the Province of Texas, the Ensuing Winter requesting her to name some person to whom she would give authority for that purpose I also wrote fully to Mr Sanders in whom she has the most implicit confidence—and shall Expect to hear from them early in the fall by an agent who will proceed to the grant—

My former letters were mostly on the subject of the state of Mr Hawkins affairs with a statement of the claims he appears to have advanced in securing the grant, and for the support of settlers also small loans to Emigrants—amounting, including Usurious Interest to the enormous sum of thirty thousand Dollars—which advances completely beggared his family, for at the time of his Death, his House and Negroes were mortgaged nearly to the full value and his furniture under Execution so that Mrs Hawkins family had to depend on their friends for funds to take them to Kentucky.

I shall send this to Natchitoches with several letters of different persons in the Grant hoping they may find a conveyance to you— I now regret that I did not keep a copy of the statement formerly sent you so as to have it annexed, but before the Agent goes out I will again overhall the papers and make out another for your Inspection—As Mr H Kept no Books such an undertaking is of serious import yet for your satisfaction and for the benefit of the Widow and Orphan children I feel bound to make every exertion in my power.

The planting Interest of Louisiana have been sorely afflicted for two years past, by inundations storms rains and rot, so that scarcely one third of crops have been made, and every body here are suffering in consequence of it—The present season affords better prospects, and I hope the ensuing winter will give life and activity to our late and present gloomy City—

Nath: Cox.

[Addressed:] Colo Stephen F. Austin Province of Texas.