J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 08-16-1824

Summary: Commerce.

Natchitoches 16th August 1824

Dear Friend.

I received your favor sometime last month by Mr. Kennady, and this is the first opportunity I have had of writing you, by Mr House, I have searched Natchitoches for the English Linen writing Paper for you but cannot find any therefore thought Proper to send you the best I Could find, such as our Parish judge uses for the want of better, I likewise obtained a few sheats of our Printer of the quality I think will suit you all I could get. he has a few large sheats from two to three feet square which would do for Drawing Maps if you should want any I will send it you or any thing you may wish from our Place you shall have sent you on the first application. I have Inclosed an Recount of D. Marple Estate, you will Pleas do the same you would do for your self with it. Concerning the land on the Brazos, I have made my mind up and am Determined to live in that country. I wish you would be good enough to C[h]oose me a League of Land on the Brazos within thirty miles of the sea if convenient to your arrangements. I think your Judgement would be Better than my own if I wase Present, you will Pleas have it surveyed and you can draw on me for the surveying at any time, if you should want some Merchandize I would get them at the lowes Prices of this Place it would suit me better than to Pay the money as money is verry scarce here indeed. I will have the Place cultivated next year by some good Person to Rais me a good crop of corn etc etc

I have sent you a number of News Papers and some of Late dates you will see the Departure of Itrabide Late emperor of Mexico from South Hampton England for Mexico in Niles Register Inclosed in the half Ream of Paper. I shall send as often as I can get Opportunity Papers to you

J Cable

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin Rio Brazos Texas per Mr. House