Randall Jones to Stephen F. Austin, 08-22-1824

Summary: Randall Jones to Austin, August 22, 1824.

Fort Settlement 22rd August 1824

Dear Sir

I have waited with some considerable degree of patience until the present time for the promised notice you were to give me; finding the month advancing to a close and having an opportunity of reminding of you by Mr. Knight I have taken the liberty of saying that as it is a matter of considerable importance with me (and should be with every old Batchelor) that I wish you would hasten your visit to this settlement as every preparation is made to have a party on your arrival I hope you are or will in a few days be able to come down and I wish you to write me by Mr. Knight and inform me precisely when you can come down I was on the point of coming up but as Mr. Knight is going up it will answer all purposes be so kind as to write me by him and you will oblige

R. Jones

Col. S. F. Austin