Josiah H. Bell to Stephen F. Austin, 08-25-1824

Summary: Surveying.

Brasses Lower Settlement August 25th: 1824

Dear Sir

since I sent you a survey of the Benard on Examination we find it does not make as much Westing from the mouth of mound Creek as we expected if the deeds are not made out and you find it Convenient to Extend my upper line to the Benard it will prably leave the tract in a better shape as it will otherwise leave a sharp point between the Benard and my line that Could be of little use to any one I only make this statement for your Consideration and should it be otherwise aranged it will make no difference to meā€”Give the inclosed note to McCormick as soon as you Can as it may be of importance to him

J. H. Bell

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen. F. Austin San philipi De Austin