J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 08-28-1824

Summary: Transmitting mail.

Nachitoches, 28th August 1824

Dear Sir

I forwd you the Paper By Mr. House which I hope you have Received in good Order and Letters and papers to your Colony. By Mr. Boy a young Frenchman I forwarded you a Letter Enclosed to me from your Brother Jas. E. B. Austin from Herculaneum of which I hope you have Reced. a few days since I Recd another from your Brother of which he says he wrote two for fear one might miss carry, I forwd papers etc etc by this gentleman, if you should wish your Letters and Papers taken out of the Post Office and forwd to you, you will Pleas write to the effect, and you Shall have them as soon as opportunity admits of—I have wrote a Letter to George Smith Esq to your care I wish you would try and ford it him the first opportunity I expect he is in the Biffalou for his health, he has Practiced Law here for some time Past, but on account of his Inability of health he was Advised By the Phisicians to take a trip in Texas for his Recovery

J. Cable

[Addressed:] Colo. Stephen F Austin Political Chief of Austin's Colany. San Felipi de Austin Province of Texas

Politeness of Timber Lake

I put in a Stick of Ceiling wax for you in this Package of Papers

J. Cable