James E. B. Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 09-06-1824

Summary: Marriage of sister to James F. Perry. Will return to Texas alone. Note by Emily at bottom.

Hazel Run Sept. 6th 1821

My dear Brother/

I improve the present opportunity of writing you by Mr Hale, lest my letters to you previous to this Should miscarry as I wrote by mail, directed to the care of Cable in Natchitoches.

I presume ere this you have heard of our irreparable loss in the death of dearly beloved Mother, and also of Aunt Austin. So many unhappy changes, have taken place in Missouri since I left it that I long to be with you once more in Texas.

Another change tho not of so unpleasant a nature is Shortly to transpire in our family, which is, the marriage of our Sister Emily, with Mr James F. Perry of Mine A Burton!! I confess that I was as much Surprized as you will be, when she informed me of it, a few days ago:—Emily asked my advice on the Subject:—my reply to her was, that She knew whether her marriage with Mr P. would be conducive to her happiness or not if She considered it would, I acquiesed with cheerfulness and made no doubt you would do the Same— I only regret that it will be impossible for us to collect the remains of our unfortunate family together for some years; if ever. As to Mr. P you are acquainted with him and best know w[h]ether her choice is a judicious one or not, his Standing is high and morals unexceptionable—

I intend to leave here some time next month So as to be in Ns. [Natchitoches] by the 1st of Novr. I should like to hear from you before I start but the dread of spending a winter in this "cursed land" determines me to leave it, my expences will be light returning, as I Shall be alone, I have nearly all the money by me still; and will not spend one cent more than I possibly can help untill I hear from you which I hope to on my arrival at Natchs. I shall take on with me a great many articles that we shall want and may have enough to load the waggon light—any thing you may want write me to Natchitoches, you had better send a list and such things as I have not I can procure there—or if you think I can lay out the money to any advantage let me know. If I receive no instructions from you when I arrive at N. I shall take the money with me— Saml. Perry has returned from Philadelphia with an extensive assortment of goods, his business is so situated in this country at present that it is impossible for him to leave it. So there is no hopes of his moving to Texas, at present. Rob. Bruffe[y] is anxious to remove but his affairs are so arranged that he cant leave this country either— and Jas. Bruffe[y] is in the Same Situation. So you need not calculate on them. I wrote to Ashley immidiately on my arrival in this country but have received no answer as yet— I am induced to believe he intends to act Shabbily in this Business I should have proceeded to the Lttle Rock but Emily opposed it and wished nothing done in the business untill you came up yourself. All the papers of Fathers I shall lock up [and] leave with EmilyDurham Hall can be recovered—when our purses are long enough to Stand a 7 years law Suit. Price the present owner is making his fortune—

Your friends are all well at the Mines and enquire particularly after you— John S Bricky Stephenson, and Cole were elected to the General AssemblyFred—Bates Govr and Reeves Lt. Govr

Maj. Andrew Henry returned a few days ago from the Stony Mountains— he has suffered much and met with many misfortunes—

A Deputation from Santa Fe arrived a few weeks ago at the council Bluffs—the object of their visit was to acertain the most eligable Situation for a road to be cut from Santa Fe—to that place—and also to enter into some arrangement to Secure traders (to and from the Province of New Mexico)—from attacks of the indians—and to appoint agents for the purpose of facilitating an intercourse and commerce to the United StatesBeards Father attended the deputation as interpreter tell Beard his father is in good health— Elias Bates and family are well he is doing an imense business at present—

Emily is well desires her love to you her little girl is a smart little creature

Give my respects to all my Friends in Texas— I long to be with you and them— take good care of my Poney and my poor Cano [his pointer dog]

Jas E. B. Austin

P. S. Mr. Andrews and the Alleys arrived Safe— the Alleys will hardly return before Spring— I could say much more but I refer you to Mr Hale— Not one word from Varner as yet

(Note by Emily at bottom)

Time will not admit of my writing My Dear Stephen a lengthy letter I shall incert a few lines in Brother Browns, to assure you that you are still remember'd with the greatest affection by your Sister altho I am fearfull you will accuse me of ingratitude, for not going on with Brother and shareing with you and him the hardships of settling a New Country; I have not giving up (nor never will) the idea of moving to Texas: I flatter myself that when you visit Missouri that you will prevail on Mr Perry to join you in Texas I can assure you that I shall make use of every means to perswaid him to go on; by Brown I will write you a long letter; you must not forget my Children but consider them as yours, for as soon as William and Austin are old enough to be of any service to you I wish you to have them I will most cheerfully give them up to one that I know will be their best friend and protector— Adieu and think of me some times and always as your affectionate Sister

E. M. B

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F. Austin San Felipe de Austin Rio Brazos TexasE. M. pr Mr Hale