John A. Williams to Stephen F. Austin, 09-08-1824

Summary: Moving from Nacogdoches to Austin's colony. Slaves. Cotton.

District of Nacogdoches Texas 8th Septr 1824.

Conl Austin.

Dr. Sir. In consequence of some governmental arangement relative to this section of Country together with the liberal incoragement held out to persons disposed to emigrate to your Colony, I have concluded to accept the invitation, provided I can get a good settlement on the Brassos or St Barnard as near the sea coast as may be practicable. I intend following the agricultural business and wish to have a farm on or near the navigable waters.

Although I have not the pleasure of your acquaintance yet I hope you will be good enough to make the selection, as it is not convenient for me to attend at present. I wish to obtain as much land as I may be intitled to, agreeable to your system of distribution. My family consists of myself, my wife and a few negroes six of which negros are fit for field hands. I have documents which will, I presume, entitle me to admitance. If you should think proper to comply with this request and notify me thereof I will come on immediately and comply with your conditions of sale, and move my family on as soon as may be practicable. I have a crop of cotton on hand, which perhaps, will detain me till January.

JnĀ° A Williams [Rubric]