Henry Holstein to Stephen F. Austin, 09-11-1824

Summary: Impediments to emigration to Texas.

September the 11 1824

Dear sir I take this opportunity of informing you that I am well and hope these few lines will find you in the same state of good health. Sir I wish you to let me kno the first opportunity that offers whether there is any Chance for me to hold that land I was to of had In your settlement I kno that you are not under any obligatons to me now as I did not fufill my part of the Contract but sir I think if you will take every thing into Consideration and hear the Cause of my not being there on time in the first place the inteligence that we had hear that the vessel was lost with edward Lovelaice and the Company was the Cause of my not Coming to that country against the time mentioned in the articles and soon after hearing that you was drownded Causd me to abandon the idia of ever setlin in that province but hearing you are now on the labrasos [Brazos] and has nearly made an end of your business I wish you would right to me the first opportunity and let me kno whether you will let me have the land or not I doo not expet to get Choice but would be glad to get any good place the town lot I would be glad to hold

If you think propper to grant me the quantity of land mentioned I will be a Citizen of that place as soon as my situation will permit which will be soon after hearing from you I will be glad if you will wright me a satisfactory letter on the subject

Henry H. Holstein

[Addressed:] To Mr Stephen F. Osten Province of Texes Osten settlement.